Increase membership for 2012-2013

On behalf of the national organization, I would like to thank every member who donated time, treasure or talent toward an activity in your community. We all work very hard on our programs and don’t think about the pat on the back we might receive. Ever wonder why that is? My thoughts are that was the way we were brought up. As Sons of The American Legion, we are related to veterans who served during a wartime period. These veterans instilled in us the pride and dedication that shaped the foundation of their service to our country, and we in turn are doing this for the next generation.

With the start of a new administrative year, now is the time to start and record your efforts toward the 2012-2013 Consolidated Report Form. Will your hours and donations get you a pat on the back? Probably not. However, you will have helped others outside our organization realize what we do and why we do it. Every squadron should be proud of its accomplishments and post last year’s report for its members and guests to view. Many of our members don’t have any idea of all the activities and other organizations we support. An informed membership leads to an active membership, and that will lead to more successful events and even more membership. Success builds success, and we are winners. Let’s show it!

Damon Bradtmueller

Public Relations commission