Spread the word

With the year steadily moving forward, our squadrons, districts and detachments are busy taking care of our veterans by raising funds to help support so many of our great programs. Also during this time, many events are taking place and with those events we sometimes forget to tell people what we are doing. The Sons of The American Legion program is the best kept secret out there. We need to stop hiding behind our modesty and share with everyone all the great things we do! Only by this can we show the world the commitment we have to our program and to the programs of our great American Legion Family.

From just the smallest event we can promote what we stand for. One example is to put something in your local paper about your event or even a story on how it turned out. If you speak to a class at a local school about Americanism, involve the local media as much as possible as well as the community. You might even gain a few new members if everyone knows what we stand for.

There are many other tools available to you to aid in promoting your events. If you go to our website, you can see that there several programs that you could start in your own community and the Public Relations Commission is consistently working on updating the website to bring you more updated information. We are always working to give you new tools to help promote your squadron, district and detachment.

Again, if you don’t let anyone know what you do, we do not have a way of knowing what tools would be of use to you.

One of the most under utilized but important tools we have is our Consolidated Report forms. This is the one tool that lets us understand what we have done throughout the year and allows us to let National know how much activity your squadron has done. Even if it is only a small amount, it is imperative to fill out a form so it can be recorded and let others know of our combined activity. These forms are used by our National Commander and The American Legion National Commander to inform the government of what we do and give us a louder voice for our great organization and for our veterans! This form should be filled out and sent in as soon as possible. If I sound a little persistent about the Consolidated Report form it’s because I know how important it is to the Legion family. I urge each of you to go out and let everyone know who the Sons of The American Legion are.

 Thank you,

John Sansoucie

National PR Commission.