Natural Disaster, What Does It Take To Be Prepared?

Natural Disaster, what’s does it take to be Prepared
Like many of you I sat and watched TV as Sandy rolled across the Northeast and I was stunned at the devastation it left behind. I asked myself, would I be prepared if a natural disaster struck my hometown, probably not. I did some research on the internet and came up with the following the items that will help you and your family prepare for the worst.
1. A Plan. Everyone in your family should know what to do if a disaster strikes. Also have a plan on what to do if a disaster strikes and not everyone is at home.
2. Food. Make sure you have plenty. You will want canned and non perishable food that does not require cooking and water to make it is best. You could be without water, gas, and electricity for quite some time. And don’t forget to have can opener.
3. Water. Stock up on bottled water, and pick up some purifying tablets as well. If you’re staying in your home during a disaster prepare by filling up your bathtubs with water. I keep 4 gallon plastic buckets in the garage that I get from work just in case my water is shut off. For long periods, plan a gallon of water for each person per day.
4 First Aid. A basic first aid kit is a must to have at home and in your car so you are prepared for any emergency. If you get on the internet for about $50.00 will pick you up a nice all purpose first aid kit.
5. Fire and light. While you do want a flashlight and plenty of batteries, fire is needed for cooking, warmth, and light, so be sure to have a lighter or matches on hand.
There are plenty of other items you may need to help you through a disaster or prepare for a hiking trip, a good web site that is provided by FEMA is and above all when a police officer comes to your door and tells you to evacuate, go…… your home is insured your life’s is not.

Butch Ray, Chairman
Homeland Security and Civil Preparedness Committee