Tips and guidelines to social media postings

Tips and guidelines to social media postings

It’s important to conduct ourselves in a positive manner whether we are wearing the Sons of The American Legion cover or the emblem on our apparel. We should also conduct ourselves in a certain manner while promoting our organization through online and social media platforms.

Social media is a wonderful tool that we can use to promote and market ourselves and the programs we support. Unfortunately, one inappropriate post may undo all the hard work that you and other members have done to further our goals.

The following are etiquette tips and guidelines to help you determine the difference between appropriate and inappropriate posts.

Do’s ...

Create a website, Facebook page and other social media platforms for your squadron.

Post frequently and be as consistent as possible.

Promote the Sons of The American Legion and entire Legion Family, along with programs and charities support by the organization.

Post pictures when possible.

Post events to let the public know how they may show their support.

Create posts to let people know how to join the American Legion Family.

Highlight accomplishments of the Sons at the national, detachment and squadron level.

Share other detachment or squadron social media posts when appropriate.

Promote all patriotic holidays and activities, Legion Family milestones, and significant dates related to the military or American history.

Inform national and detachment headquarters of your website and social media presence so they can follow you.

Don’t ...

Over post which in turn may cause your audience to unfollow you.

Post, share or tweet any content that does not meet the mission of the Sons of The American Legion,  or The American Legion or American Legion Auxiliary.

Post or share content that portrays the Sons of The American Legion or the American Legion Family in a negative light.

Post or share any political advertisements, statements, jokes or overtly political photos. The American Legion is non-partisan.

Link to any site or page that does not share the same goals or mission as the Sons. or The American Legion.

Smear, besmirch or otherwise impugn the character or reputation of any individuals, public figures or other organizations.