makes membership 'simple and efficient' makes membership 'simple and efficient'

As a squadron adjutant I have been using the site since its beginning a few years ago. It is has been a fantastic tool to keep track of member data, make labels for mailing, make needed changes to addresses and continuous years of membership. The time and paperwork it saves has been beyond value.

WOW! They found a way to make the site even better and more important to the squadrons of the Sons of The American Legion. I am now able to transmit my squadron’s membership online without leaving my post home or my own home. I can transmit renewals and create new members all on the site. It has made membership so simple and efficient. Not to mention not having the cost of mailing or driving membership to our state headquarters.

I have heard some squadron adjutants worry about giving their bank account information to the national organization. I’m here to tell you there is nothing to worry or be concerned about with your account. We have never had a problem with the membership monies being taken directly from our account. It is making it even easier to track our squadron’s membership dues and our bank account.

If you are a squadron adjutant and are not registered on My you’re missing a great opportunity to track membership and pay dues in a most easy and efficient process.