This coffee's on the Sons
Over 2,000 bags of Blues Brothers brand coffee were donated to American Legion posts, VFW halls, food banks and other locations in Pennsylvania thanks to efforts by members of the Sons of The American Legion. Among those receiving the coffee was Veterans Promise, a veterans outreach organization in Dickson City, Pa. From left, Len Biel, District 12 SAL Commander; Dave Ragan, president of Veterans Promise; and Rick Evans, District 11 SAL Commander. Photo provided.

This coffee's on the Sons

Never let good coffee go to waste.

That might not be a truism, but it’s a phrase Chad McMurray may take to heart,

McMurray, the second vice commander of Sons of The American Legion Squadron 43 in Hollywood, Calif., found out last December that some of the inventory of the coffee company he brokers for was about to reach its freshness date.

“Coffee, unlike other fresh or perishable items doesn’t ‘expire’ per se, but continues to dry out or moisture evaporates, therefore not matching the weight printed on the bag and (it) can’t be sold to retail,” McMurray said. “However, the coffee is still completely delicious.”

Rather than let the coffee go to waste, McMurray wondered if it would be possible to utilize the SAL near the warehouse in Pittston, Pa., to distribute the coffee to American Legion posts, food banks, and other locations.

He presented the idea to the Squadron 43 executive committee, and adjutant and past detachment commander Robb Kelly contacted George Flasinski in Pennsylvania. Flasinski then connected McMurray and Pennsylvania District 12 Commander Len Biel to work out the details.

Over the course of January and February, Biel and other volunteers delivered over 2,000 bags — some $30,000 worth — of Blues Brothers brand coffee to American Legion posts, food banks, churches, VFW halls, veterans homes and other locations across Pennsylvania.

“I hope we’re not in that exact situation again where it’s that much product we are forced to get rid of,” McMurray said. “But it definitely got us thinking, as the company and brand continues to grow, there should be other opportunities to work with and support The American Legion.”