SAL NEC approves 5 resolutions at Spring Meetings
Sons of The American Legion National Commander Clint Bolt addresses the National Executive Committee virtually from American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis.

SAL NEC approves 5 resolutions at Spring Meetings

The National Executive Committee of the Sons of The American Legion adopted five resolutions at the NEC Spring Meetings on April 24.

Those resolutions included the creation of an ad hoc committee of the NEC to help coordinate and implement plans for the 50th SAL National Convention, scheduled for Aug. 26-28, 2022, in Milwaukee.

SAL National Commander Clint Bolt announced eight of the nine appointees to the committee, created by Resolution S-2:

·       PNC Joseph Gladden, chairman;

·       Chuck Treat, vice chair;

·       PNC Robert McBride;

·       PNC Christopher Cerullo;

·       PNC J.R. Stillwell;

·       Robert Avery;

·       Bill Towns; and

·       PNC David Faust.

Other resolutions adopted at the SAL NEC Spring Meeting include:

·       An amendment to Rule 1 of the NEC to state that voting representation from 25 detachments at any SAL NEC meeting would constitute a quorum;

·       A resolution empowering the SAL national adjutant to make changes in resolutions to eliminate factual misstatements or inconsistent language;

·       A resolution establishing a national policy and procedure for a national SAL representative to attend the funeral or memorial service of a past national commander or significant leader of the SAL;

·       And a resolution to donate $5,000 to the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (CWF) from the 2021 SAL budget CWF line.

Other donation amounts announced at the spring meeting included:

·       CWF, $22,277

·       Fisher House, $400

·       NEF, $2,375

·       OCW, $4,400

·       Veterans & Children Foundation, $1,500