SAL membership surpasses 100 percent goal

The 105 percent membership target date for the Sons of The American Legion is coming up July 28. And three weeks ahead of that date, 16 detachments had already achieved the 105 percent membership goal.

As of July 4, the Detachment of Hawaii led the way by hitting 153.06 percent of membership. Other detachments already at 105 percent membership for the 2021-22 membership year are Puerto Rico, South Dakota, District of Columbia, Washington, Mexico, New Mexico, North Dakota, Michigan, Delaware, Oregon, Vermont, West Virginia, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Iowa.

Thirty of 55 detachments had reached 100 percent membership as of July 4. And the SAL as a whole has surpassed the membership goal for the year, with 357,785 total members — 100.3 percent of the 2021-22 goal.