SAL aiming for record membership numbers

SAL aiming for record membership numbers

Through May 4, the membership of the Sons of The American Legion stood at 356,540 members — 96.94% of the membership goal for 2022-23.

SAL Membership Committee chairman Thom Skelly told the SAL NEC at their Spring Meetings he’s optimistic the Sons can reach a bigger goal before the National Convention in August.

“Arrive at ‘105,’” Skelly said at Sunday’s NEC meeting, referring to the 105 percent membership goal. “That’s our goal right now.”

Even if the SAL doesn’t make that, they could still hit a new overall membership number. In 2019, the SAL reached an all-time high with 375,540 members.

Skelly praised the efforts in getting SAL members to renew while also adding new members. But it can’t stop there, he said.

“You’ve got to let them know, they’re more than just a number,” he said. Skelly noted the Buddy Checks used by The American Legion to check on members, lapsed members and other veterans and urged SAL members to do the same at the squadron level.

“We propose a membership engagement team at each squadron,” Skelly said. While it’s important to reach out shortly after new members join, Skelly also encouraged to follow up with long-term members. “You reach out to them, because when it comes time to pay their dues, they don’t feel like just a number.”

The SAL committees met in Indianapolis over the weekend to discuss their goals and present reports to the NEC. Videos of the SAL NEC Spring Meetings are available on the SAL Facebook page.