SAL sets new membership record

SAL sets new membership record

The Sons of The American Legion have set a new record for overall membership.

Through Aug. 10, membership in the SAL was at 375,743 members. The previous record high membership was 375,540, set in 2019.

“This record is a testament to the efforts our squadrons and detachments have made in both bringing in new SAL members and renewing those who have been SAL members in the past,” said SAL National Commander Christopher Carlton. “I’m so pleased that the Sons of The American Legion have come out of the challenges of the pandemic stronger than ever.”

SAL National Membership Committee Chairman Thom Skelley noted there have been numerous records set this year, including the number of Blue Brigade recipients (those with 30 or more newly recruited members), detachments that have achieved an all-time high in membership, detachments that have made 105 percent of their goal and detachments that have made 100 percent of their goal.

“We have four detachments that have earned the prestigious Triple Nickel Award: Colorado, Georgia, Michigan and South Dakota,” Skelley said. “The national report shows that all five regions have already surpassed their 100 percent goal and most impressively, the West Region that has not only achieved 105 percent of their goal, but have every detachment in the region at or above 100 percent.

“On behalf of the National Membership Committee, a huge thank you and congratulations goes out to every member, every squadron and detachment commander and adjutant, each of the five regional chairmen and the national vice commanders for accomplishing these outstanding feats,” Skelley added.