Resolutions create 2 new SAL committees
Sons of the American Legion National Commander Don “JR” Hall addresses the NEC at American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., on Wednesday, October 11. Photo by Hilary Ott/The American Legion

Resolutions create 2 new SAL committees

Among the resolutions approved by The American Legion’s National Executive Committee (NEC) at the Fall Meetings in Indianapolis were three directly related to the Sons of The American Legion (SAL).

Resolution 22 creates the Sons of The American Legion Commander’s Advisory Committee, whose purpose is to discuss issues germane to the SAL and recommend courses of action to The American Legion Internal Affairs Commission.

The committee, consisting of a chairman and six members, as well as the SAL National Commander who will have no vote, will collect detachment recommendations and in turn recommend to the Internal Affairs Commission chairman nominations for SAL national commission and committees and SAL national officers.

Resolution 21 creates the SAL Resolutions Screening Committee, which will “consider at any time any resolutions to be assigned to the appropriate SAL commission or committee for the purpose of (a) classifying those resolutions; (b) consolidating them; or (c) eliminating duplications, as well as for the purpose of recommending to the commissions and committees the disposition of the resolutions.”

That committee will be chaired by the chairman of the Legion’s Internal Affairs Commission and will include three American Legion members and three SAL members.

The NEC also approved Resolution 19, a $250,000 donation from the SAL Reserve Fund to the Veterans & Children Foundation. That donation was approved at the SAL National Convention.