Nebraska squadron shares flag etiquette with fifth-graders

Nebraska squadron shares flag etiquette with fifth-graders

In his role as national chairman of the Sons of The American Legion’s Americanism Commission, Chris Casey challenged the SAL National Executive Committee to take the commission’s goals back to their respective detachments.

It’s a challenge Casey and the rest of the Legion Family at Benson (Neb.) Post 112 is meeting.

Members of SAL Squadron 112 led a flag etiquette ceremony at Pawnee Elementary School on Nov. 18. The event allowed fifth-graders at the school to learn how to properly fold a flag as well as what the American flag represents.

“These classes assist in driving home Americanism for these young people,” said Casey, who is also adjutant for Squadron 112 and the Detachment of Nebraska.

“The American Legion has urged Congress to approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to prohibit the physical desecration of the U.S. flag. That amendment has not progressed and may never do so in today’s political climate,” Casey added. “These classes help shape the view of young people and develop their reverence for the flag. When these young students become the elected representatives of the people, they will get a flag protection amendment passed. They will do so because of the great respect that was instilled in them by The American Legion.”

“We have had our security officer working with our students to raise and lower the flag each day, but I don’t think that our students truly understood the significance and the meaning behind the raising and lowering of the flag, and how we fold and store the flag,” Pawnee Elementary Principal Cheryl Prine told KMTV. “… This opportunity not only educates the students but will bring about some reverence and respect for what they are doing.”