Make your squadron a National Four Pillars Squadron

Make your squadron a National Four Pillars Squadron

Happy New Year American Legion Family, 

I hope everyone has had a safe holiday season and now is ready to get rolling in 2024. While 2023 saw the Sons reach a new all-time high in membership, we cannot spend too much time celebrating that. We need to use that as fuel to keep doing what we are and getting even better. I know by the commitment that we see from all of our members that this year can be better!! Thanks to everyone that is still working membership and knows how important it is to our organization. 

Has your Squadron made plans to support the Four Pillars Challenge? If not, now is the time to do so; as you get rolling in 2024, make your Squadron a “National Four Pillars Squadron.” Taking part in this challenge is truly doing exactly what we should all be doing, supporting the Four Pillars of The American Legion. Just a dollar a member based on 2023 ending membership to Operation Comfort Warriors (VA&R), Child Welfare Foundation (Children & Youth) your department’s Boys State program (Americanism) and have or support a blood drive for National Security. You can do it!! Let’s do it together and raise money and awareness of our programs of The American Legion Family. We have Squadrons that have completed the challenge and we say, “thank you.” It’s time we all “Step Up to The Challenge” to support The American Legion. We will make the effort to award Squadrons as the year goes on when leadership travels to your departments.  

Washington Conference is just around the corner, and if you watch the news, you can see that in these times it is important that we stand up and fight for the rights of our veterans. Many say, “I will do anything to support our veterans,” yet they don’t get on the legislative bus and ride it. We need to make sure our elected officials know that we are part of the Legion Family, and we support the American Legion’s agenda. “Representing More Than Me” is just that — your opportunity to help the members of your family and our veterans get what they deserve from our government. I look forward to seeing everyone in D.C. as we continue to work to make our organization strong. 



Representing More Than Me, 

Don “JR” Hall 

National Commander 

Sons of The American Legion