Exciting times in the Legion Family, and more to come

Exciting times in the Legion Family, and more to come

Hello American Legion Family,

What exciting times are happening. As we all start to make the final turn and run toward the finish line for our 2023-2024 year, let's make sure we use all of our energy to finish strong. Let’s not walk across the finish line but race through the finish and into New Orleans to celebrate another great year.

I believe we could be celebrating the SAL hitting the $10 million donation mark over our years of supporting the Child Welfare Foundation (CWF). As I write this update, we are less than $30,000 from making that happen. I believe we can do it. 

In membership, we have met nine out of nine goals set for us this year and I do not see why we cannot make it 10 out of 10. Please get that membership in and help us set another all-time high for the SAL in membership. 

I am amazed at the work that is being done all over our great country by the American Legion Family, and the Sons of The American Legion are leading the way in many ways. I am proud that more and more Sons are signing up for Voter Voice and taking the “ Be The One “ training to be prepared to help a veteran in crisis. This shows we are keeping our commitment to support The American Legion and their programs to better the lives of our military and our veterans.

Thanks for all that participated in this year's American Legion Family Day. It was a great day across the country as many posts opened their doors to show the country just what The American Legion is all about. I believe next year we can have more involvement and continue to grow this great day.

As we wrapped up our NEC Spring Meetings, I was in a meeting and asked to work on making our convention more than just a meeting, and folks, we have begun working on something to make it a celebration. I encourage you to be there to take part in the opening, the meetings and the closing as we celebrate a year to remember. You won't want to miss what we are planning for you!

Thank you all for the support.

“Representing More Than Me”

Don “JR” Hall

SAL National Commander