SAL hits $10 million in donations to CWF
Sons of The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation Committee Chairman Mark Nave speaks during the spring 2024 National Executive Committee meetings.

SAL hits $10 million in donations to CWF

At the 2022 SAL Spring Meetings, SAL Child Welfare Foundation Committee chairman Mark Nave praised the SAL for reaching $9 million in donations to CWF and set the next goal.

“We’re ‘fine at nine,’ but now it’s time to reach ‘the perfect 10,’” he said.

Mission accomplished.

The SAL this month reached $10 million in donations to CWF since 1988, continuing as the program’s largest donor.

SAL National Commander Don “JR” Hall broke the news with a post on his personal Facebook page: “How about them Sons!!!”

“We had a goal to raise $407,000 this year to reach the $10 million mark for the years of work,” Hall wrote. “Congrats to all of our membership that has had fundraisers, bought CWF merchandise and worked hard to get to and exceed the goal.”

Hall added, “Thanks to every blue cap member that made donations over the years.”

The CWF program year officially runs through May 31, so final donation numbers aren’t known yet. Departments, posts, detachments, and squadrons that donate and want to receive credit for the 2023-2024 program year should ensure all donations are received at American Legion National Headquarters no later than Friday, May 31. Donations also can be made online at Donations support grants to youth-serving nonprofits that contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children.