VA encourages veterans to reach out for help

VA encourages veterans to reach out for help

In support of National Suicide Prevention Month, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has released a new public service announcement as part of its national campaign, “Don’t Wait. Reach Out.” The PSA directs viewers to the website where veterans and family members can navigate a range of resources available to help in a time of need. That’s why the new PSA asks the question: “When was the last time you asked for help?”

“We are driving everyone we can to this website because it is just chockful of resources,” said Bobbi Hauptmann, communications specialist for the Veterans Health Administration Office of Communications, during a VA-held veteran service organization communicators meeting. “Know that this was done with veterans, for veterans and Ad Council has been a fantastic partner in making this accessible and easy to use, easy to navigate.”

When veterans visit, they have two options to navigate the site – by clicking the yellow “Explore Resources” button or by browsing by category. The categories are:

·         Career challenges

·         Education challenges

·         Experiencing grief or loss

·         Feelings of depression

·         Feelings of isolation

·         Health challenges

·         Life transitions

·         Living with a disability

·         Money challenges

·         Post-traumatic stress disorder

·         Relationship challenges

·         Substance use challenges

Once a category is clicked on, a list of curated resources will appear with most of the resources coming from the VA website. And a veteran in immediate need of help will find access to the Veterans Crisis Line at the top and bottom of the page.

The PSA and other materials supporting the campaign and Suicide Prevention Month are available for anyone to use at