January impact: Big year for service officers

January impact: Big year for service officers

The American Legion’s work in support of veterans applying for disability benefits, or appealing incorrect decisions, continued to make big differences in January.

On the heels of a 2023 when accredited American Legion service officers secured $18.8 billion in benefits, national staff appeals reps continued their work on behalf of veterans who sought appeals of earlier claims decisions, nearly 90% of which were ruled in favor of the veteran or remanded for further documentation. Meanwhile, as the need for more American Legion service officers continues to grow, 60 new representatives were accredited in January.

Veterans offered a range of observations, praise and questions related to care at the James Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa during a revamped American Legion System Worth Saving town hall Jan. 29. Under the new format,  American Legion volunteers and staff members conducted nine virtual meetings with VA representatives in the weeks preceding the town hall to get a better understanding of the facility’s successes, challenges and more.

Also in January, The American Legion distributed over $113,000 in national youth scholarships, more than $10,000 in Child Welfare Foundation grants and 13 awards to recognize Junior ROTC and ROTC cadets across the country.

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