Should U.S. troops get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The 50th episode of The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast brings the laughs and hot takes. 

For starters, the co-hosts exchange opinions on the nearly 40 percent of Marines who have declined the COVID vaccination.

“I am annoyed across the spectrum,” says co-host Jeff Daly, a Marine veteran. “I know that they got stuck so many times and have no idea what was going in their body. Now, all of a sudden, because this thing has been politicized (they question) what's in it and think Bill Gates is chipping us. It drives me crazy. To be honest, I think it’s really ridiculous.”

Co-host Mark Seavey, who like Daly is vaccinated, jumps in to defend the Marines who refuse the protective shots. Seavey makes the point that some Marines may be denying the shots to avoid suffering the fevers or other issues after getting the shot.

“We haven't made it mandatory for them yet and there's a longstanding tradition that you never volunteer for anything in the military,” he said.

The group also discusses a story about a Navy officer in Japan who penned a letter referring to his enlisted neighbors “as deviants and perverts.”

You won’t want to miss Seavey’s reaction to what caused the officer’s action.

Join Seavey, Daly and Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado as the co-hosts examine these and other stories of interest to the veterans and military community in this week’s episode of the Tango Alpha Lima podcast.
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