Riding for Gold Star Families

Anthony Price, the executive director of the Gold Star Ride Foundation, joins this week’s episode of The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast.

He first started riding motorcycles during the Nixon administration and later enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1987, served four years and then another four in reserve duty. His affiliation with Gold Star Families began in 2013 when other motorcyclists invited him to go for a ride.

After riding a couple of hours, they stopped at a home. Price wasn’t sure why.

“The short story is I got to meet a Gold Star widow and that’s when I found out what the Gold Star ride was all about that day,” said Price, who co-founded the Gold Star Ride Foundation three years later.

Price, a member of American Legion Post 1982 in Minnesota, soon learned that a group from Minnesota went out once a year to see Gold Star Families.

“That’s not nearly enough,” he told the board of directors. “There are Gold Star Families everywhere. And they all burst into laughter. They said that will never happen and we’ll never be involved in anything like that.”

So Price started his own nonprofit and began riding in 2017.

Some of his accomplishments thus far riding his 13-year-old Harley Davidson Classic:

• Visited all 48 continental U.S. states, including some five times.

• Logged more than 81,000 miles on the motorcycle, including 21 rides across the nation.

• Spent nearly $500,000 on Gold Star Families.

• Personally met with more than 350 Gold Star Family members.

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