Tango Alpha Lima hosts share their take on the new Space Force uniforms

This week the Tango Alpha Lima podcast hosts discuss the unveiling of the new U.S. Space Force uniforms, getting “straight answers” about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a motorcycle adventure program for veterans and first responders that provides healing and camaraderie. 

What are the podcast hosts’ thoughts on the new Space Force uniforms? Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado liked the “aesthetic appeal” of them while Jeff Daly had been waiting for this one because the Space Force “never ceases to stop providing gems.” The Twitter feedback he read was people trying to decide if the uniform was more Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. Daly went with the latter.

It was the photo of the new uniform prototype that Seavey felt was “the weirdest photo … (the models) were like staring off into the distance like third star from the right and straight on until dawn or some sort of nonsense.” Listen to the podcast to see what episode of “Friends” the photo reminds Seavey of.  

As for two of the military’s highest ranking generals telling lawmakers that they did not support withdrawing from Afghanistan, the possibility of Al Qaeda or ISIS rebuilding in Afghanistan, and the U.S. drone strike on “what appears to be an innocent guy … our leaving Afghanistan is looking less and less bright,” Seavey said. “I just want straight answers. I think we’ve all come to the conclusion that it was a complete disaster but now everyone’s trying to pick up the pieces and we can’t even get the same factual basis on what everyone’s thinking.”

Gorbulja-Maldonado wants responsibility to be taken because “we put an entire cohort of veterans in distress asking themselves what was the point and now there’s repercussions for all of this.”

When this topic appeared in a previous episode, Daly asked “Where were the generals” during the discussion to withdraw from Afghanistan. Listen to his continued thoughts on this.

On a lighter topic, hear the hosts talk about Motorcycle Relief Project which provides “therapeutic motorcycle adventures for veterans and first responders.” Gorbulja-Maldonado said, “participants start as strangers, they come together, it really resembles I think The American Legion camaraderie in addition to what we feel in service.” Seavey has “said repeatedly the best way to do therapy without doing therapy is to just get a bunch of veterans out in the sticks somewhere and then keep them there overnight, put them around a fire and invariably you’ll have therapy.” He’s “in favor” of these types of therapeutic adventures.

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