Military humor for your ears

What’s better than one Ashley on The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast?

Two Ashleys on the award-winning weekly podcast, at least for this week.

Military spouse and standup comedian Ashley Gutermuth joins co-hosts Jeff Daly and Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado on this week’s rollicking episode. Gutermuth, who is married to a pilot in the Air Force Reserves, is a New Jersey-based stand-up comedian and actor.

Gutermuth appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon where she was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to win the “Seinfeld Challenge.” In 2021, she won the headliner category of the U.S. Comedy Contest.

“I’ve been obsessed with comedy since I was a little girl,” she said, noting her early inspirations included Monty Python and other classic British comedy shows and comedians. “I have no time for dramas or other type of entertainment.”

We won’t spoil the jokes in this episode. Just be sure to give it a listen and chuckle along as Gutermuth:

• Talks about living next to four roosters at a base in New Jersey.

• Explains the initial motivation for her daily running streak, which is now over seven years.

• Discusses how she got into voice-overs.

This episode is among nearly 140 that are all available in both audio and video formats here. You can also download episodes on iTunes, Stitcher or other major podcast-hosting sites. The video version is available for viewing at the Legion’s YouTube channel.