The path to the PACT Act

American Legion Tango Alpha Lima hosts Jeff Daly and Ashley Gorbulja are recording episodes, spreading the podcast love and doing all the things this week at the 103rd national convention in Milwaukee.

Among the podcast recordings is this week’s episode featuring American Legion Legislative Director Lawrence Montreuil. In the new podcast episode he discusses how The American Legion helped usher the PACT Act into law. “It’s been our focus since January and it’s taken up most of our time,” he says.

A look at the new episode, by the numbers:

• 3: Tango Alpha Lima appearances by Montreuil, an infantry officer in the Marines. He is the first three-time guest.

• 23: Conditions covered under the PACT Act, making the veteran eligible for VA care.

• 143: Tango Alpha Lima episodes published thus far.

• 34,000: Emails sent by American Legion members encouraging their congressional representatives to approve the PACT Act. “It’s the most successful digital campaign the Legion has ever run,” Montreuil says.

• 3.5 million: Veterans eligible under the PACT Act for their conditions related to toxic exposure, atomic radiation and more poisons.

This episode is among more than 140 that are all available in both audio and video formats here. You can also download episodes on iTunes, Stitcher or other major podcast-hosting sites. The video version is available for viewing at the Legion’s YouTube channel.