Three principles to success

Air Force veteran April Shprintz is this week’s special guest in a new episode of The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast.

Named one of the Top 22 Entrepreneurs of 2023 by New York Weekly, April Shprintz is a business accelerator and leading sales expert who helps entrepreneurs and companies obtain increases in revenue while working less hours. Her approach is akin to not working harder, but smarter.

“It doesn’t have to be hard to be right,” she advised. “The more right it is, the easier it feels. And if you are swimming upstream, you’re not wrong, you’re just in the wrong stream.”

Shprintz left corporate American and developed her process, The Generosity Culture®. “It is the process I use to help scale businesses, whether it’s entrepreneurs or larger companies because it is the framework and really the foundation of everything I do.”

It has three principles:

• Pour into your people.

• Pour into your clients.

• Pour into your community.

“By doing those three things you can grow and scale your business incredibly quickly,” said Shprintz, who also hosts a top 10 “how to” podcast, “Winning Mindset Mastery.” Learn more about her background, business and more on her website.

Also on the episode, hosts Jeff Daly and Ashley Gutermuth offer their thoughts on:

• Navy SEAL recruits using performance-enhancing drugs.

• How you can participate in Be the One days, the first day of each month.

• An Army veteran’s viral Tik Tok video in which he expressed frustration about his VA health care. “I just want the care to continue.”

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