How to live longer and healthier

An internationally known expert in healthy living, nutrition and longevity shares his wisdom on this week’s American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast.

Dr. Michael Greger, who specializes in plant-based nutrition, has helped millions of people adapt healthier lifestyles. He is the author of “How Not to Die,” “How Not to Diet,” and “How Not to Age,” which is being released this month. Proceeds from his books are donated to charity.

His journey to nutrition began when his grandmother was essentially “sent home to die” at age 65 with heart disease. But “thanks to a healthy diet, she was able to enjoy another 31 years on this planet. That’s why I went into medicine and practice lifestyle medicine.”

Greger, the founder of, offered these tips to live healthier and longer:

• Don’t eat late in the day, ideally no later than 7 p.m. Doing so will increase your heart rate and mess with your circadian rhythms. Push your calories toward the start of the day when your body can handle them better. “If you are going to skip any meal, skip dinner not breakfast for metabolic health.”

• The combination of eating healthy and regular exercise is a game changer. “Yeah, there are side effects, but they are all good side effects,” he said, noting they reduce ailments like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and others.

• Get started by checking out the free 21-Day Vegan Kickstart tutorial, by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Download the app on Apple or Google Play.

Additionally, host Ashley Gutermuth and guest co-host Matt Jabaut also discuss:

• The increase of laser pointer incidents in the Air Force. “These pilots are not kittens,” Gutermuth says before getting serious. “You’re a bad person … Why would you blind somebody when they are in charge of a massive aircraft?”

• How the Navy is responding to a series of sailors who died by suicide.

• American Legion Family involvement in this Saturday’s Wreaths Across America Day.

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