Andrew Tramontana speaks at a Joint Interagency Strategic Working Group in Wintergreen, Va.

Legion takes part in DoD outreach program

Last month, The American Legion took part in a Joint Interagency Strategic Working Group, which was organized by the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) - a Department of Defense initiative that helps troops integrate back into civilian life. From Nov. 2-6, Legion's DoD Outreach Assistant Director Andrew Tramontana joined about 80 selected attendees from DoD and various service branches at Wintergreen Resort in Wintergreen, Va., for a conference that worked to determine a strategic plan for the TAP to use to help returning troops use their service-learned skills in their civilian lives. The initiative fulfills a core responsibility of the Legion's Heroes to Hometown program, which helps severely injured servicemembers transition back into civilian life.

This event was hosted by DoD's Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy Office. Representing the Legion, Tramontana was a member of the Strategic Communications and Outreach group, which focused on identifying initiatives that could potentially make TAP more effective. The initiatives will be prioritized and will ultimately compile a strategic plan for TAP.