eBenefits moving forward in coming year

eBenefits moving forward in coming year

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is working toward its goal to move Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) features to the department’s eBenefits platforms during Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21).

VA is responding to a changing and more technologically advanced world, while also addressing veterans’ needs when it comes to simplifying and streamlining the process of applying for benefits through VBA. As these milestones are met, veterans will be able to create a secure online account to apply for and manage these benefits.

Feature migration of the Loan Guaranty Service Certificate of Eligibility is moving to eBenefits in the second quarter of FY21. Applying for the certificate is the first step in obtaining a VA-backed home loan. During the buying process, this confirms to the lender that you qualify for the VA home loan benefit. Additionally, the Specially Adapted Housing Grant and the “View My Documents” feature will be migrated.

The ability to find a veteran service organization (VSO) and representative will also move to the eBenefits platform. Here, veterans will be able to appoint an attorney, claim agent, or VSO to act on their behalf in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for VA benefits.

Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) also known as the Chapter 31 program, will also be migrated to the eBenefits platform. VR&E provides services to eligible servicemembers and veterans with service-connected disabilities to help them prepare for and obtain employment or achieve independence in daily living.

Additionally, the eBenefits migration will allow a veteran to manage direct deposit of education benefits, add or remove a dependent, and apply for state benefits.

To learn more about the features being moved to eBenefits and to access and manage your VA benefits, visit www.va.gov.