VA warns of telephone scam

VA is warning people not to give credit-card numbers over the phone to callers who claim to be updating VA prescription information.

Kevin Secor, a veterans service organizations liaison to VA, recently sent an e-mail that outlined the scam.

“I have received many reports that veterans are being contacted by ‘Patient Care Group,’ representing that they are helping administer VA prescriptions and stating that the pharmacy billing procedures have changed, and they are therefore requesting veteran credit-card numbers for prescription payments in advance of filling their prescriptions,” Secor wrote.

“This is false. VA does not call veterans asking to disclose personal financial information over the phone. VA has not changed its processes for dispensing prescription medicines,” he wrote.

Anyone receiving a call from someone claiming to work for the Patient Care Group, who is seeking a credit card number, should simply hang up.

Veterans with questions about VA services should contact the nearest VA medical center or call toll-free (877) 222-8387.