Help a veteran through Hire Patriots site

Help a veteran through Hire Patriots site

Do you own a business? Are you starting a business? Are you looking for employment? Are you interested in hiring veterans? 

One site helps address all these needs:, which oversees projects in more than 45 states, with the help of about 20 regional leaders across the country.

The mission of HirePatriots is to create a nationwide employment safety net for US veterans. So wherever a veteran lives in the US, they can find work every day, with either a One Day, Temporary or Full Time job from the HirePatriots website.

Mark Baird originally created the website HireMarines in 2005 to serve Marines at Camp Pendleton. By its third month, the site had thousands of visitors, so Baird took the site national.

Entrepreneurs and job seekers can post capability statements, résumés, pictures, logos and other information about themselves or their companies. The site also features links to blogs that offer insights veteran employment, business opportunities and other related topics.