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VA seeking personal crisis stories

Knowing veterans listen to fellow veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to reach veterans and their families who may be in emotional distress or a suicidal crisis so it can encourage them to seek the support they need. VA is asking veterans who have called the Veterans Crisis Line (formerly the Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline) or used VA or other mental health services to share their stories in writing, video or photographs.

These personal stories can serve as the catalyst for a veteran, or a veteran’s concerned family member or friend, to make that crucial call for help – and potentially save a life.

VA is looking for veterans – and their spouses and family members – of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and service eras to share their stories of mental health treatment and recovery and readjustment success; these stories can include seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress, supporting a family member who has returned home, finding hope in emotional crisis, or any other mental health-related experience.

To share a story, please contact The American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division by e-mail or by phone at (202) 861-2700. With permission, we will share your information with VA to help improve outreach and services for other veterans.