VA launches Make the Connection

Make the Connection, a new campaign launched by the Department of Veterans Affairs, is creating ways for veterans and their family members to connect with the experiences of other veterans – and ultimately to connect with information and resources to help them confront the challenges of transitioning from service, face health issues, or navigate the complexities of daily life as a civilian.

The campaign’s central focus is a website,, featuring numerous veterans who have shared their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. It offers a place where veterans and their families can view the candid, personal testimonials of other veterans who have dealt with and are working through a variety of common life experiences, day-to-day symptoms, and mental health conditions. The website also connects veterans and their family members with services and resources that may help them live more fulfilling lives.

At, veterans and their family members can explore information on mental health issues and treatment – and easily access support – in comfort and privacy, anywhere and anytime. Visitors to the website can customize and filter their online experience, directly connecting with content that is the most relevant to their own lives and situations.

VA’s Make the Connection campaign is raising awareness through public service announcements, advertising and partnerships with veterans service organizations and mental health service providers nationwide. For more information, visit, or VA’s mental health services website at