Presidential debate: high on conflicts, low on solutions

The second presidential debate between nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was high on conflicts and low on solutions.

The debate was a town hall style forum in which most of the questions were asked by self-declared undecided voters in St. Louis while moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz attempted to keep the candidates on track.

“Throughout the debate, the candidates exchanged personal attacks and revisited tired topics,” American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt said. “All Americans deserve better. Our veterans, servicemembers and other military supporters deserve to know where the next commander in chief stands on the key issues.”

The candidates did address the war in Syria, though other vital topics were absent, noted Schmidt, listing specifics such as VA benefits and health care, defense spending and border security among others.

“It’s unfortunate that the moderators chose to wallow in topics that didn’t address the issues most important to our veterans,” Schmidt said. “It’s sad that this presidential election is skipping over policy and dancing around plans for the future.”

The third and final presidential debate will be Oct. 19 in Las Vegas.