MISSION Act guidance available in booklet

MISSION Act guidance available in booklet

In 2018 Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed a landmark law that changes how VA does business. The VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act (MISSION Act) is a comprehensive law that overhauls how veterans receive their health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The law also includes provisions to consolidate community care programs into a single, streamlined service; reforms the VA health-care infrastructure; and expands VA’s Caregiver Support Program to eligible veterans who were injured prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

VA has developed specific education for veterans about receiving VA care, health-care benefits and other related updates as the MISSION Act goes into effect on June 6. This educational booklet is titled “Health Care Options Through VA.”

Veterans can receive this educational booklet in three ways:

• Download the electronic version of “Health Care Options Through VA” booklet here.

• Contact a public affairs officer at their nearest VA medical center for a printed copy of the booklet.

• Request a printed copy of the booklet at no cost by filling out a print form available online and at the medical centers.