National Commander Reistad rings closing bell at NYSE

National Commander Reistad rings closing bell at NYSE

The American Legion was joined by representatives from Philips North America and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of the Legion’s centennial birthday. National Commander Brett Reistad was joined by the CEO of Philip North America Vitor Rocha and VA Acting Deputy Secretary James Byrne for the honor.

“The American Legion is honored to be here at the Stock Exchange — a place that encapsulates the dreams, hard work and financial success of so many Americans,” said Reistad to a room of Philips North America and VA representatives. “We are 100 years old this year. The American Legion was founded after World War I to ensure those who make our American way of life possible – our veterans – are not forgotten.”

The American Legion recognizes that no single organization will be able to address veterans’ needs. It will take close collaboration between non-profits, and public and private sector organizations like Philips North America and VA to achieve these goals and deliver veterans the quality care they deserve.

Philips North America and The American Legion are collaborating on Project Atlas — an innovative multi-year pilot program in which Philips and The American Legion partner to combine the convenience of the retail clinic model with Philips telehealth technology and access to VA care givers — right in the local American Legion post.

From mental health, to supporting families and communities, to fighting for benefits earned through selfless service, The American Legion has been a driving force in supporting and advocating for the nation’s veterans for the past 100 years. For the next 100 years, The American Legion will continue to innovate and focus on veterans’ most pressing need — improving their access to quality care.

“The American Legion — in many ways — is a guardian of that American dream and that prosperity not just of those who are successful that we see here, but if Americans everywhere,” Reistad concluded.