Habitat for Humanity photo

Looking for future partnerships

On June 3, Jacob Gadd, the Legion's assistant director for Program Management, participated in a conference call with Habitat for Humanity senior officials on developing a joint project after the 2010 National Convention. The American Legion partnered with Habitat for Humanity by resolution at the 2009 National Convention. An American Legion and Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Involvement Toolkit was created in November 2009. To view the toolkit, click here. The American Legion Magazine also featured a story in the May 2010 issue on American Legion volunteer efforts at a Habitat project site in Bend, Oregon.

In the next few weeks, Habitat will provide a state listing of servicemember and veteran build project locations, and Legion departments will be put in contact with these sites to solicit input and interest in supporting a joint project. Departments interested in supporting a joint Habitat for Humanity "Veterans Build" project should e-mail Gadd. For individual or post participation, please contact your local Habitat affiliate