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This self-published history provides a brief overview of both the history of ROTC and the birth and early years of The University of Texas. It then turns to WW I and the 1920s when, on four occasions, proposals to bring ROTC to UT were introduced but failed. Again in the 1930s ROTC became a contentious topic and was again rejected. Finally, with the involvement of then Rear Admiral Chester Nimitz and fellow Texan, Representative Lyndon Johnson, the Navy Department awarded UT a Navy ROTC unit in 1940. Following WW II, General Jonathan Wainwright approved UT’s application for both Army and Air Force ROTC units. This work then turns to a study of how UT Army ROTC has functioned from 1947 to the present, with much emphasis given to the tumultuous 1960s and the left’s failed efforts to force ROTC off the campus.

The price of the book is $25, and all sales profit is contributed to UT Army ROTC to aid in cadet recruitment and retention. To order Texas Fight: The History of Army ROTC at The University of Texas at Austin, please e-mail the author: Upon receipt of your e-mail stating your desire to purchase the book, you will receive by return e-mail the order form.

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About the author:

John Boswell, a Dallas native, graduated from The University of Texas with a B.A. and M.A. in History in 1967 & 1969, respectively. In 1969 he also completed his fourth year as a UT Army ROTC cadet and served a year in Vietnam’s II Corps (Phu Tai and Qui Nhon). Among his awards were the Army Commendation Medal and the Bronze Star for Service. He then commenced a thirty year banking career. Since retirement, he has served as an adjunct history instructor at various San Antonio colleges.