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Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds - Lessons for Business and Life, is a tutorial on leadership and success.

America's Army has endured countless adversities and overcome powerful adversaries. America's Army has won the peace and secured the future by overcoming fear, advancing when retreat seemed the better course, and employing the power of cohesive teams in measures necessary to the task. From the Army's achievements one can draw timeless principles for succeeding in battle, in business, and in life.

Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds - Lessons for Business and Life, reveals:
- The three essential components America's Army employs to ensure individual and team success.
- Why America's Army relies on core values, mission focus, and disciplined action to win.
- How and why a disciplined, committed, cohesive soldier team can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
- How the urgency and gravity of the battlefield apply to business and individual success.
- The essential elements of effective combat leadership used by warriors, diplomats, and heroes.
- The one thing every leader MUST do to lead - failure or success hang in the balance.
- The two ways an Army leader or any leader contributes to move a team to extraordinary success.
- The two dominant aspects of the human condition which America's Army must manage and master to win in combat and succeed in accomplishing diverse and challenging missions around the globe.
- The awesome potential impact of a motivated, focused individual.
- The tremendous power of a cohesive team.

In short, Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds spells out clearly why America's Army succeeds and how anyone can too.

Winning - succeeding - whether in combat or in business are not so different. The principles are the same, only the conditions vary. Before a battle, there is no mistaking the risk - a soldier is all in. In business and in everyday life people tend to think and act with less gravity, less urgency. The truth is however, the stakes are the same - life hangs in the balance. Through personal anecdotes, an engaging presentation of Army methods and doctrine, and by way of relevant historical examples (from George Washington to David Petraeus, and from the Battle of Cowpens to Iraqi Freedom) Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes delivers the fundamental principles of leadership and success in a way a reader can apply immediately to improve business and improve life.

Enter the domain of warriors, diplomats, and heroes. Live a life of fealty to principles of the highest order. Embrace each day as the adventure it is. Make the most of life. Focus on what matters and succeed. Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds shows how.

About the author:

Retiring at the end of 2011 as an infantry colonel, Scott F. Paradis served more than 31 years with the United States Army focused on operations, training, strategic communications and congressional affairs. He completed a National Security Fellowship at Harvard University and a Congressional Fellowship with the United States Senate and helped stand up the Multi National Corps - Iraq (MNC-I) Improvised Explosive Device Task Force in Baghdad. Awards include the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star.

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