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New York, United States of America – Saul Silas Fathi is perhaps the perfect author for the biographies of those who have suffered turbulent lives. Following his own birth in and escape from Iraq, Fathi eventually found himself in the United States, enlisted in the Army and earning his ticket to citizenship. After a hugely-successful career that defines the American Dream, Fathi has now turned his hand to an even bigger task – compiling the biographies of over four hundred Islamic leaders. Mr. Fathi is an acknowledged Islamic scholar. Everything is compiled into his ground-breaking new book, ‘Islamic Leaders: Their Biographies & Accomplishments’ (From Muhammad to the present). (ISBN# 978-0-9777117-5-8) Synopsis: In less than a century after Muhammad's death, Islam swept through Asia, Africa and Europe, dominating an area larger than that of the Roman Empire at its peak. This book represents 3.5 years of effort, researching and editing hundreds of books and internet sources, resulting in an authoritative biography of 420+ Islamic leaders, during the past 1,500 years. While some may believe this to be the work of a lifetime, Fathi has actually released three previous books, many depicting the plight of Sephardic Jews in Iraq and winning a slew of prestigious awards.

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Saul Silas Fathi is an author, historian, lecturer and acknowledged Islamic scholar. He has authored 5 already published books on history, biography, Islam and their leaders, Muslims and religion, which are all available on During the past seven years, Mr. Fathi has lectured at over 160 organizations, 2 universities, 26 public libraries, 3 summer camps, 8 district schools, 18 temples, 12 senior centers, 11 assisted living homes, 14 community centers, 2 churches and 2 rotary clubs

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