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"Puff" is the title of a newly released biography of a 32nd Division soldier who served in the South Pacific in World War II. The subject of the biography, Heinz G. Puff, is a proud member of the American Legion who currently lives in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin with his wife of 67 years, Caroline.

Puff, a German immigrant to the United States as a young boy, became a career police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after his service in the military. The biography is a true story of love, hard work, patriotism, and professional integrity. The unexpected twist in the book is the account of an older brother who chose a radically different path for his life. While Heinz, a decorated war veteran, was carrying a gun to keep the law, his brother was carrying a gun to break the law. Ultimately, the brother became one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted.” The book recounts some of the professional and personal experiences of Heinz Puff and his family along with some of the obstacles and personal losses they encountered.

According to the author, Puff is a tribute to Heinz Puff and so many individuals like him who devoted themselves to “doing what is helpful, honest, and right – patriots who demonstrated a strong commitment to family, country, integrity, and a diligent work ethic.”

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About the author:

The author has been acquainted with Heinz Puff and Caroline, his wife of 67 years, for several decades. He accumulated life stories as told by Heinz, including stories from his service in World War II, and in 2013 committed many of those stories to a book. The book, he says, is "a true story of love, hard work, patriotism, achievement, and an uncompromising spirit, intertwined with war, greed, violence, and criminal justice."

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