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GAME ON! is BOOK 1 of a five eBook series entitled, THE NICARAGUAN WAR CHRONICLES.

The story takes the reader deep inside the cataclysmic combat action against the Communist-backed Sandinista rebels seen through the eyes of a covert operator, a member of a Strike Team, designated Bravo. His and the team’s direct actions are depicted in the thick of the hellacious and death-defying perilous missions. This real-life journal of agonizing anguish that takes a toll on the human body and spirit is based on actual events.
Their warfare missions provide a realistic look at the traumatic bane of armed conflict and its terrorizing face and subsequent results as the strike team – Bravo, goes after Communist rebel camps and supply depots with one solitary mission agenda; to take down the enemy with as much deadly force required wiping them off the face of the map. Nothing short of complete sterilization of their target is acceptable.
Despite that the 12-man team is constantly outmanned by the enemy force, Bravo manages to overcome the odds with chilling and bristling fighting sequences that puts the reader’s mind in the very midst of terrifying clashes; close enough at times to see the whites of the enemy’s eyes before death overtakes the fallen. Nothing is as dramatic as actual in-your-face combat action up close and personal.
The true-life mission stories written, depicts each battle and fire-fight with the intensifying sensation that only a real participant can portray. The ruggedness, rage, fury, controlled chaos, physical affliction, and mental torment of combat is fought at alarming levels where opponents face a life and death struggle with an animalistic instinct to survive each new onslaught.

Come onboard a wild rollercoaster ride of high adrenaline rushes as each page renders a view of fast-paced action-adventure flying at tree-top level and down-in-the-dirt catastrophic armed clashes.

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About the author:

Peter Duysings is a U.S. decorated combat veteran and a former government agency Warfare Field officer. He has trained and advised foreign military forces in Counter-Insurgency methods and led teams in the field against terrorist/rebel elements. His in-depth field expertise and meticulous research done is depicted in stunning action scenes giving his novels a realism that rocks the reader’s conscience. He makes his home in Southern California.

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