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Up until December 1966, I was just an ordinary teenager, doing ordinary teenage "stuff", not concerned in the least with my future. The military and Vietnam changed all of that - surprisingly a lot for the better. I've often wondered if other vets' lives were affected in a similar way.

Last Chance is a true account of my experiences in the Air Force as a ground based airman. I wanted to share these memories with others like me, as well as with anyone else who holds an interest in one of America's most troubling wars. A lot has been written about the men who fought and died in Vietnam, but very little has been written about the ground based airmen, their contributions to the war effort, and what it was like for those men.

This book is also an attempt to dispel some of the misconceptions written about military personnel by the media and Hollywood's disparaging portrayal of the military during and after the war.

Last Chance is my story - in my words (the dark side and humorous side) - to the best of my memory. We were just young men, either drafted or volunteers, serving our country. We grew strong in character, and the majority of us prospered and became productive members of society.

About the author:

I entered the Air Force in 1966 at age 19 and spent 1967-68 in Vietnam. Born and raised on a farm in Tennessee, I was naïve about world events. My wife and I have been married for 47 years, have two sons and four grandchildren. Graduated from U. T. Knoxville, had a very fruitful career, retired at age 57, moved back to the farm, and enjoy life with our kids and grandchildren.

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