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WWII & Korean War Silver Star Veteran Billy DeVasher Releases Book: “Out of the Trap”

Inspirational story of survival, breaking free from life’s traps, and experiencing victory

Nashville, TN, Saturday, Dec. 7 – WWII & Korean War Silver Star Veteran, Billy DeVasher has lived the multifaceted kind of life that you typically only see on the big screen or read about in books. Consequently, he brought his journey to life in a book that he has entitled, “Out of the Trap.” His new release is now available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. DeVasher has worn many hats and gained a great deal of wisdom throughout his lifetime after narrowly surviving the Korean War.

“The Chinese came over and cut off our division,” DeVasher recalls. “There were a great number of casualties. We only had a few men left after about 11 days. I don’t know how I got to be one of them that came out.”

After beating the odds and surviving war entrapment, DeVasher learned that life itself can be full of different traps and bondages.

He found himself in an education trap, a physical addiction trap, and then the trap of greed. While serving some time in prison, DeVasher realized he needed to make that time purposeful and productive. He began penning a book, which would merely be a dream for many years to come. Through his faith in Jesus Christ, his loving family, and the strength to persevere and overcome, DeVasher escaped all traps victoriously.

“A lot of things changed, and it was all for the better. I had a real experience and encounter with God. I was then able to come home. Prison isn’t a bad thing if you have that kind of experience,” DeVasher expressed.

However, Billy’s book idea would sit for many years, before coming to completion. The turning point of DeVasher’s long-term dream came when he his wife of 61 years asked him if there was anything in particular that he still wanted to complete within his lifetime. He told her the book was what stood out to him. Together, the pair spent a year bringing “Out of the Trap” to life.

As a newly published author, DeVasher wants to share his story so that he may inspire and encourage others. He is available for speaking engagements and interviews.

“Hopefully with this book, I can spend some time speaking, and have some appointments here and there. I want to do something worthwhile,” DeVasher said emphatically.

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Billy DeVasher is a WWII & Korean War Silver Star Veteran, and now the author of "Out of the Trap" - Available on Amazon & at Barnes & Noble

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