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Combatting wars on two fronts – one for fame and the other love – Maggie Hogan never wavers as a rare woman reporter on the battlefields of World War II, the Nuremburg Trials and the beginnings of the cold war. But she makes the mistake of falling for an officer, complicating her ambitions. Learn of what one woman feels she must do to make it in a man's world, no matter what. Maggie's Wars is a story about the ultimate battle between love and prestige, and how you can’t win them both.

About the author:

Phil Pisani's love for military history grew from his father's stories about his service in WWII. His debut novel Maggie's Wars was inspired by the stories of a battlefield commissioned officer of WWII who eventually worked for the Department of Defense and served on missions throughout the world. Phil loves to play chess, fly fish, deep sea fish, box, read and cook. He continues to write, contributes to My Derby Love magazine and lives with his beautiful wife and two cats in Albany, NY.

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