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Find The Black Box is a well-intended challenge to every quality of healthcare and patient safety expert who has been attempting to improve those aspects of healthcare for over twenty years, and with no evidence of success. The current annual estimate of needless hospital deaths is quadruple the 1990 estimate of 98,000, and that is not how to spell success. Plus there is an estimated 4 times that number of patients medically harmed, but not fatally each year. I know how to change that.

Find The Black Box identifies two fundamental facts regarding all patient care; all medical care is local, and states license doctors. Therefore one can only conclude that each state is responsible to create, and maintain a functional healthcare delivery system. Problem is no governor, or state legislator, past or present, has ever had a clue as to how unorganized, and dysfunctional their state’s healthcare delivery system is, and has always been. I know how to completely reorganize (finally organize) any state’s healthcare delivery system. The next problem is finding a governor, and state legislature capable and willing to accept my offer.

People need to understand that their, their children’s, and their grandchildren’s healthcare system is broken, and has always been broken. The nation that allowed men to walk on the moon, and return safely has never created, or even attempted to create an organizational structure for one of the most important aspects of our nation’s existence.

Healthcare in America is made up by two equally important, but totally different aspects; ObamaCare, RomneyCare, Medicare, etc., or how to pay for healthcare after-the-fact, and the other aspect is the healthcare delivery system. That’s where people go when sick or injured, and I repeat, that aspect is a state responsibility. Everyone seems to be focused on how to try to save money in healthcare while it is possible to save both lives and money in a completely reorganized (finally organized) healthcare delivery system.

Changing how healthcare is paid for after-the-fact does not make the delivery of care better, and the current attempt probably will make patient safety worse, if that is possible, and unfortunately it is. My efforts to promote my book have been directed toward directly challenging the quality of care and patient safety experts. So far, several have had a positive response to my book, and more importantly, none of them have found any aspect of my book that they can question or dispute.

People will only get the quality of healthcare they demand from their state elected officials, and Find The Black Box describes how to go about doing that. For those who want to know about how the greatest healthcare system in the world can, at the same time, be the third greatest source of accidental deaths I can only say, read my book, available in hard and soft cover, and as an ebook on Amazon, etc., and with a free download Index on my web site.

About the author:

AF Ret. Res. Major/senior navigator, who went from B-26 in Korea (54-55), to B-57 flying at 50,000 feet (55-57), and activated out of my surgical internship for Cuban Crisis (62). Also a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon, anesthesiologist, author of 3 books on healthcare, and patient safety expert. I can completely reorganize the entire healthcare delivery system, but can only hope the experts will give me the opportunity to show what has always been missing in healthcare.

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