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Hello My name is Mark Heathco author of the book "Call Sign Purple Three" the book is a autobiography of one of the many patrols I pulled up on the dmz of South Korea back in the mid 80's.
In Call Sign: Purple Three, author Mark Heathco, who pulled 385 missions inside the DMZ during his military career, describes the preparation for a dangerous patrol in August 1985. This memoir follows the soldiers as they arrive at Warrior Base, refit for war, move to the tent area, prep their gear, receive a patrol operations order, study the patrol information, rehearse, undergo inspection, and finally execute the patrol itself. They encounter many dangers and obstacles-even a North Korean or two-as well as navigating the minefields that lace the patrol sector.
With great detail, Call Sign: Purple Three provides keen insight into the Korean DMZ at a time when the world thought all was well in Korea, but in reality chaos was just a hair trigger away. This insider's memoir offers an understanding of what these soldiers did and the sacrifices they made.

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I served in South korea I had nine rotation to the DMZ where I had 385 day recons and night ambushes inside the dmz I was station with the 2nd infantry division for 10 years. I grew up in North Hollywood CA. and went to North Hollywood High School and played football and was a regular Kid growing up in L.A.