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Enigma: A Veteran's Quest for Truth is a memoir of the author's experiences as he was impinged by the activities of the United States military. The experiences noted span the eighty-year period of the author's life. This period covers World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Berlin Crisis, Vietnam War, and the military altercations in the Middle East during the last ten years. The loss of three cousins during the bombing of Pearl Harbor resulted in the binding of the author's family into a unity of purpose: defeat the Axis powers! Patriotism resulted in the author voluntarily joining the National Guards when he became old enough to do so. This resulted in his being placed on active duty during the Berlin Crisis. What followed became a mystery that took fifty years to unravel. Because other veterans were caught in the same conundrum, the author's experiences will unlikely have applicability to many veteran's aside from the author.

About the author:

In addition to the author's military activities as reported in this book his primary occupation was as an educator. Upon receipt of his bachelor's degree, he worked for the Milwaukee Public School System. He then completed a Master's degree and a PhD at the University of Wisconsin in its Department of Educational Psychology. He subsequently taught at the State University at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Indiana State University, and Marquette University.

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