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What creates success? Is it skill? Talent? Ambition? Luck? Expertise?

It’s none of the above. While a variety of factors form our abilities and influence the events in our lives, there is only one thing that creates genuine success: Character.

Based on the personal, corporate, and military experiences of Dr. J. Phillip London, a successful defense industry executive, as well as on many other real-life examples, the book consists of 17 lessons over five sections ¬– Keystone: Character, Blueprint: Vision, Structure: Action, Appraise: Resolve, and Build: Momentum.

Character: The Ultimate Success Factor demonstrates how character – expressed through perspective, action, and resilience – drives success. Just some of the simple and tangible lessons covered by Dr. London include:
• Assessing your attitude
• Envisioning goals
• Embracing change
• Making decisions
• Overcoming fear
• Aligning yourself with the right people and organizations
• Identifying opportunities
• Speaking up
• Accepting risk
• Creating momentum

Character: The Ultimate Success Factor is for sale online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and is also available for electronic download for Kindle. For large orders, contact the publisher (Fortis, a nonfiction imprint from Adducent) at

All royalties from the sale of this book will benefit CAUSE (Comfort for America's Uniformed Services), a 501(c)(3) entity that is organizing rehabilitation programs for wounded warriors who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

About the author:

Dr. J. Phillip London is Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of CACI International. A retired Navy captain, he served 12 years as an officer and aviator and 12 years with the reserves. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, he also holds a doctorate in business administration from GW University. Dr. London serves on the Board of Directors for CAUSE, the U.S. Naval Institute, the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, and the Naval Historical Foundation.

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