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Sgt. Dan Hendricks who served with Ed in Vietnam writes: “This is a well written book! Ed captures the day to day life of an infantryman in the muddy Mekong Delta. Leeches, firefights, snipers, hot LZ’s, ambushes, ships being blown up, he tells it all. So; saddle up! Grab your C-Rations, ammo, Claymores, grenades and M-16. You will need it all as Ed takes you through the hell of the muddy Mekong!”

Sgt. Chuck Mawhinney (#1 all-time USMC Sniper Vietnam) says: “I recommend Ed’s book for those who want a real account of the Vietnam War! Ed’s no holds barred account of the day to day living environment puts you there! The sights, sounds come to life and the joys and sorrows that were felt; left me back in the day! You definitely nailed this one brother!”
Ed’s book is available on and signed copies are available on his web site. You can also catch the films on Ed on his site: or

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Sgt. Ed Eaton a Sniper in Vietnam was recently highlighted in a History Channel film “Snipers: Dangerous Missions” and the LifeofDuty.TV film “Choosing Honor”. Ed, who has also been written about in numerous books and magazines found it necessary to write his memoirs in his own words of brutal honesty with an R rating. The book Mekong Mud Dogs follows Ed from small town USA, thru Vietnam and back home to the trials and tribulations of returning. You can catch the films at:

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