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"Greed Card Soldier" is a story about Andro Babich, a naive, but inquisitive Bosnian teenage soccer star. His tale is told by Heath Winslow, a cynical, self-deprecating war correspondent. Set amidst the civil-war ravaged Balkans of the early '90s, Winslow recounts Andro's exploits, including his daring escape to America where he receives a green card and joins the Army, ultimately earning his citizenship and a brand new life. Eventually he returns to post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina as a U.S. AID worker and discovers, through trial and tribulation, his life's purpose and his role in the rebirth of his homeland.

About the author:

For almost 40 years, I worked as a military journalist, newspaper editor and public relations practitioner around the globe. From drafting feature stories during the Vietnam era through coverage of the Lake Placid Olympics, Today, I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I retired three years ago as the civilian public affairs director at Fort Hood in Central Texas. That was after serving 11 years as the Army

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