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America stands, not at a crossroads, but at the edge of an abyss. We have a crushing national debt that can never be repaid, live under constant government surveillance, and are regulated in every aspect of our lives - right down to the amount of water that can flow out of your showerhead – by unelected bureaucrat thugs in Washington.

Americans are bewildered about how we arrived here and are confused and disgusted by the empty babble from our political masters and news industry “reporters.”

For the first time, Todd Douglas has provided Americans with a comprehensive history of how the constitutional government of the United States was undermined and ultimately destroyed. This destruction was not always deliberate, and was perpetrated by members of both the Republican and Democrat political parties that have ruled us for a century and a half.

Readers will understand what the analysts fail to see; that the counterrevolution is complete – “Conservatives” have nothing left to conserve, and liberals will suffer alike under the same growing tyranny from our political masters. This book is required reading for those who want to understand what has happened and is happening to their country – and how to restore American freedom before it is lost to history. review:
This book is a History/PoliSci/Political/Legal tour de force, nothing less, being a synthesis of the demise of the U.S. Constitution since it's birth to very recent times (published 2013), combining the flow of American history with a synthesis of personalities, legislation, executive orders, downright treachery, the rise of the bureaucratic state, etc. and, most telling, the response of SCOTUS, and when they literally threw in the towel and joined the Progressive/Socialist bandwagon. All the usual suspects are mentioned: Abraham Lincoln, FDR and the present POTUS. There are surprises: John Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson; some more surprising than others - to me this illustrates how purposefully "uneducated" even people of my generation were. And he leaves no one out - Republican or Democrat...

About the author:

Todd Douglas is a former US Navy Intelligence Specialist attached to the Defense Intelligence Agency and a 22-year veteran commander in the New York State Police. He has been a guest Speaker at the US Military Academy at West Point, Pace University, and the University at Albany. His articles have been featured in The Journal of International Security Affairs, The Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, and online at American Diplomacy and American Thinker.

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