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This book is now available on Amazon. It contains personal reminiscences of the 5O years from Stalin to Brezhnev; an insider's truth about deceptions in five-year plans, elections, class relationships, and more, and grossly misunderstood facts: Marxism was based on a fundamental error, Lenin was a power-hungry and possibly vengeful demagogue who used Marxism for propaganda purposes, Stalin was the mastermind behind the Second World War, the Soviet system had nothing to do with socialism, Marxism, or even state capitalism - it was state feudalism.

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Edward Tesler, MS in Engineering, Ph. D. in Economics, Sr. Fellow in Applied Mathematics. During Stalin's years, was an engineer in a "box" in Siberia. He was "top dog" in a regional watchdog group created by Khrushchev. During Brezhnev's stagnant gerontocracy, he was head of a research laboratory, and chief scientist in automated management system for the Baltic region. Belonged in the school of Academician Abel Aganbegyan, the theorist of perestroika. In USA, analyst and consultant in the private sector and for Federal government. Member of Ronald Reagan Presidential Task Force.